Hello skin – Allow Dermanda to Introduce you to your new beauty secret

Our Answer to Age Defying Beauty, Created by Us – Formulated by Experts – Given to you

JULY 19th.  I know what you’re thinking that date sounds important.  But it’s not a national holiday, so why does this date bring up such emotion?  Well in the UK July 19th was FREEDOM Day.  All national restrictions imposed by the global pandemic were lifted.  People were allowed to socialise, imagine the joy at being able to sit amongst friends in a restaurant, something that was a Friday night norm became a novelty.  But for us beauty fanatics it meant so much more.

No more at home DIY facials, hundreds of clients were reunited with their therapists and the clinics are striving once again. 

During the pandemic almost all sectors of business suffered, apart from the beauty industry.  Online retailers saw a surge in sales of skincare and cosmetics, as people tried to take control of their routines from the comfort of their own home.  It allowed people time to research products, google the hard to pronounce long names on ingredient lists and become more aware of what they wanted for their specific concerns.

But this search for the answer to Age defying beauty isn’t new.  Beauty halls are lined with products and the market has become saturated with more brands with bold claims, yet it seems the average customer still seems unsatisfied.  Until now.  Until Dermanda.

Dermanda Skincare, created in London’s Harley Street is a skincare range like no other.  It is expertly created, each ingredient hand picked to ensure results driven products, with only the consumer in mind.  Read our ABOUT US to discover more on who we are and how our journey began.

Because as interesting as our journey is, the reason you are on this post is for your new skincare secret.  So, allow Dermanda Skincare to Introduce you to STEM C20.

STEM C20, an advanced anti-aging serum is designed to unlock the secret to your hidden beauty.  Think back to a time where you were faced with answering the impossible question of “Do you have any specific skin concerns?” and you immediately started counting every concern in your mind.  And for each concern there was a separate product, another step to an endless regime. 

Dermanda Skincare formulated STEM C20 as a multifunctional product to address a variety concerns, due to the unique formulation and advanced technology, this lightweight serum is already becoming a cult favourite.

Now for the science behind this expert product.  The name is STEM C20is derived from two of its most important ingredients; Stem Cells and Vitamin C.  Stem Cells are naturally occurring cells found in the epidermis of the skin and can self-renew.  This means within a skincare product they exhibit great repairing and protective properties.  Combined with 20% Vitamin C, an antioxidant designed to protect the skin while promoting collagen synthesis and your already onto a winner.

However, STEM C20also contains other key ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration, Vitamin E, which is vital for a smooth and even skin tone and Phloretin an antioxidant which neutralises the effect of free radicals (think pollution and sun damage).

With such a diverse set of ingredients in its formulation, all working in harmony together you can understand why STEM C20 truly is the secret to age defying beauty. 

So, whether your concerns are pigmentation, loss of firmness and wrinkles or dull and dehydrated skin (or like me, all the above), shop nowto discover your new beauty secret and join us today on journey to healthy, radiant and AGE DEFYING SKIN.

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