Dermanda Skincare

Dermanda Skincare

Dermanda Skincare. Unlock your hidden beauty with results driven skincare, from Harley Street to YOU!

As we get older, we find ourselves reminiscing about the once young and radiant skin we had ten years ago.  There is no secret as to why we age.  There are many scientifically proven reasons as to why this is, most of these reasons are natural.  For instance, the dermis, the middle layer of the skin which is made up of collagen and elastins and gives it its integrity begins to lose its structure after the age of twenty-five and the once firm and smooth skin, begins to lose its elasticity and wrinkles creep upon us.

However, it is not just natural causes, things many of us tend to do or NOT do, yes this applies to all those guilty of not wearing SPF, can cause premature aging of the skin.  These are classed as environmental factors which become stressors to the skin, think poor diet, pollution or exposure to harmful UVA rays from the sun.

As much as the reasons are well-known the secret lies in how to prevent and correct skin aging?  Beauty halls are lined with products that make bold claims, yet it seems as if the answer is yet to be discovered.  That is until now, Dermanda Skincare.

Dermanda skincare is a range of expertly created multi-functional products, formulated by Awatif Mandour; Harley street’s renowned cosmetic practitioner.  With many years of experience in the medical industry, Awatif focussed the interaction certain components have in the body and primarily on the skin.  Later she went on to successfully open Dermanda Clinic, Harley Street, offering clients the latest in aesthetic treatments.

It is from her interaction with clients, her journey to create products that combine both science and nature began.  Available now are six products, each carefully formulated with the finest ingredients and innovative formulations that do more than make bold they deliver REAL RESULTS.

The key to the effectiveness of the products, is primarily down to the combination of ingredients used.  One of the key ingredients used is STEM CELLS.  Stem cells are naturally occurring cells in the body that can change into other cells, within the skin they can change into cells of the epidermis or dermis.  Put simply, they can replenish the cells our skin loses as we age and reinstate their function.  Firm, smooth and radiant skin can be yours once again.

An example is Stem C20, sure to become a cult product.  Harnessing the power of stem cells and 20% vitamin C, this advanced serum also contains powerful antioxidants such Phloretin and Ferulic.

We all dread the question, “Do you have any skin concerns?” and want to tick each and everyone one of the boxes on our consultation card.  With Dermanda Skincare, the products are multi-functional, meaning they deliver results for a variety of concerns.  A victory for our skin and purse strings.  The stem cells in Stem C20 works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the Vitamin C helps to even out and brighten the skin tone.  No longer do you need a shelf full of serums, you just need one, the right one.

Dermanda Skincare is launching with exclusive stockists and through our e-shop.  And the range looks to expand towards the end of 2021.

The secret to young, radiant and healthy looking skin is now yours, discover Dermanda Skincare and unlock your hidden beauty today.